The Valley Floor Plan

kerau floor plan
homestead land layout

Bina Puri purchased the land in 2013 and soft-launched Kerau Stage 1 in December 2016 with an overall of 158 lots. Each lot has a land location of one to two acres, or 43,560 to 87,120 sq ft.

The Valley will comprise 4 zones. The very first, called “The Kerau”, will cover 600 acres- divided into Phases 1 and 2- and include homesteads. It is called after Sungai Kerau, which streams from the west to the east of the area that is being developed.

In addition to the homestead development, they have actually also assigned about 230 acres for cash crops and a durian plantation at Zone 2. Phase 1 (100 acres) will come with 2,600 trees while Stage 2 (100 acres) will have 2,500. The first harvest is anticipated within 5 to 6 years.

Zone 3 and 4 are sold out.